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Safety near the Pipeline

4 meters on either side of the pipeline, 4 + 4m or 8m in total

In the Restricted Ownership Zone

Landowners and users are allowed:  

  • animal grazing   
  • surface sowing and fertilizing   
  • cultivation of plants with roots that do not go deeper than 60 centimeters  
  • control of parasitic plants and/or vegetation. 

Landowners and users are NOT allowed:  

  • construction of buildings of any nature  
  • cultivation of deep-rooted plants with roots going deeper than 60 centimeters  
  • drilling or opening of trenches and/or wells   
  • underground installations of pipes at a depth of more than 50 centimeters   
  • alterations to the ground morphology in any way (e.g. deep plowing, excavating, placing of rubble, creating ponds) 
  • building of new roads.  

20 meters on either side of the pipeline; 20 + 20m or 40m in total

In the Building Restriction Zone

Landowners and users are NOT allowed:

  • construction of buildings of any nature
  • installation of disposal systems that alter the ground morphology.

Works close to the pipeline

Any works conducted close to the pipeline by landowners and users as well as contractors or any other organizations, such as local utility providers, must be planned and executed carefully, in line with ICGB’s safety requirements.

Anyone conducting work close to the pipeline must take all necessary precautionary measures in connection with the works, including:

  • identifying and managing any dangers
  • planning the work effectively
  • contacting ICGB to ensure that detecting, identifying, and marking the pipeline is undertaken
  • excavating safely (no mechanical excavation is allowed within the pipeline restricted ownership zone).


Fences may cross the pipeline but must:

  • be constructed from wood
  • have a construction depth of less than 500 millimeters
  • only cross perpendicular over the pipeline.

Fences crossing the pipeline must not:

  • be constructed from concrete or brick
  • have fence posts or other posts located directly over the axis of the pipeline

Fences may not be parallel to the axis of the pipeline and within four meters of the pipeline’s axis.

IGB Project

Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria is co-financed by the European Union's
European Energy Programme for Recovery programme.

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