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Call before you dig

Non-authorized works performed in Interconnector's restricted ownership zone or near pipeline facilities may compromise the safety of pipeline operations.

Do not underestimate any incident. Please report promptly. 


Before you dig or begin activities in ICGB’s restricted ownership zone, which is defined as a 4-meter area on either side of the pipeline (4 + 4, 8m in total), call:   

  • + 359 889 220 231 for Bulgaria
  • + 359 886 005 144 for Greece

Contact ICGB

You need to contact ICGB for consent at least three weeks before undertaking any works near the pipeline or its facilities.

We will check whether the pipeline runs through your property or the area of planned works.

You need to tell us:

  • the nature of the intended works
  • the cadastral number of the affected parcel
  • a location plan of the intended works
  • the proposed start date of the intended works
  • your contact details.

Request Support

A signed crossing agreement may be required for certain planned works crossing the pipeline’s restricted ownership zone. This applies to infrastructure projects that cross the pipeline, e.g. road, motorway, railway, another pipeline, or other crossing infrastructure projects.

All third parties must contact ICGB to request the support of a line locator, at least two weeks before starting any work.

ICGB will ensure that assets are properly identified and marked to safeguard company facilities, employees, the public, and the environment. Only competent and trained persons may undertake line-marking activities.

If you witness damage or removal of marker posts call the numbers included above.

IGB Project

Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria is co-financed by the European Union's
European Energy Programme for Recovery programme.

The sole responsibility of this publication lies with the author.
The European Union is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

Co-financed by the Europen Union, Europen Energy Programme for Recovery  European Regional Development Fund Operational Program Innovation and Competitiveness


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