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Capacity Products

ICGB offers the following capacity products: forward firm capacity, forward interruptible capacity, and commercial reverse capacity.

Forward firm capacity

Forward firm long-term capacity will only be made available through ICGB’s market tests.

Provided there is sufficient available capacity, registered parties can purchase the following forward firm capacity products, defined in accordance with section INC network code:

  • forward firm yearly capacity
  • forward firm quarterly capacity
  • forward firm monthly capacity
  • forward firm daily capacity

Forward interruptible capacity

ICGB offers long-term and short-term forward interruptible capacity at an interconnection point after available forward firm capacity is already allocated through auctions for a particular interconnection point.

  • Forward interruptible yearly capacity
  • Forward interruptible quarterly capacity
  • Forward interruptible monthly capacity
  • Forward interruptible daily capacity

Forward interruptible capacity is offered independently at each interconnection point. As such, registered parties must book forward interruptible capacity separately at the required entry and/or exit point(s).

Interruptible reverse capacity

ICGB offers an Interruptible Reverse Flow (virtual flow) in the direction from Bulgaria to Greece according to ICGB Network Code.

Registered parties can purchase the following commercial reverse capacity products:

  • Interruptible reverse yearly capacity
  • Interruptible reverse quarterly capacity
  • Interruptible reverse monthly capacity
  • Interruptible reverse daily capacity

IGB Project

Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria is co-financed by the European Union's
European Energy Programme for Recovery programme.

The sole responsibility of this publication lies with the author.
The European Union is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

Co-financed by the Europen Union, Europen Energy Programme for Recovery  European Regional Development Fund Operational Program Innovation and Competitiveness


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