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Complaint form

Filing complaints

Here you can file complaints and grievances in connection with the construction of the gas connection between Greece and Bulgaria to the company ICGB AD, in its capacity of Employer of the project.

The filing of a complaint can be done by e-mail: phone +359 (2) 4513 545 or by filling in the following online complaint form.

The complaint may be filed in Bulgarian, English or Greek, and the complainant must indicate in detail in the complaint the grounds for the alleged violation of his rights related to the construction of the Greece-Bulgaria gas pipeline.

The team of ICGB AD will review the complaint and will contact you within a reasonable time of receiving the complaint for additional information, if necessary to resolve the case.

The purpose of the complaints is to investigate the problem and to respond appropriately to a better understanding and addressing of the problems of the people affected by the presence of the pipeline.

The mechanism also helps ICGB AD to avoid the recurrence of similar problems in the future.

Information about the complainant

If the complaint is filed for another person, please provide their names and contact details.

Complainant confidentiality

Please be aware that if your complaint is about another person, the person handling your complaint will generally need to disclose details of the complaint to that person to obtain their response.

The 'First name' field is required
The 'Last name' field is required

Contact Information

Please mark how you wish to be contacted. Please also provide an additional telephone number/ of next of someone.

Additional telephone number of next of kin/contact person (in case you cannot be reached)
Please enter a valid Email address
Please enter your preferred language of communication.

Information about status of complainant

Civil Society Organization
Public entity (e.g. local government institution)
Others (specify)

Grievance Details

Please enter a description.
One time grievance/complaint
Please sign by checking.

Declaration of information and consent

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  1. I have been informed and I agree to provide, within the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act and the applicable European legislation in the field of personal data protection, my personal data (such as names; address for correspondence, email address etc.) to ICGB AD, UIC 201383265, with registered office and management address: 1000 Sofia, 13 Veslets Str., in connection with my capacity as a complainant and the filing and consideration of my grievance on issues related to the construction of the IGB gas pipeline;
  2. I have been notified that my personal data shall be subject to processing in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act, other applicable national acts and the European regulations;
  3. I have been made aware of the fact that my personal data, including special "sensitive" data (provided there is legal grounds for this) shall be collected, processed and stored by ICGB AD only for the purposes of submitting and reviewing a complaint on issues related to the construction of the IGB gas pipeline;
  4. I have been advised on my right to obtain information and to access my personal data stored and processed by ICGB AD; the right to object to the processing of this data in the event of an established violation of statutory rules; the right to request the deletion of unlawfully processed data and the correction/supplementation of incorrect data;
  5. I have been informed that I have the right to withdraw my consent on the processing of personal data for a specific purpose or on a specific occasion, provided that such a withdrawal shall not contradict any legal requirements and shall not obstruct the complaint’s consideration;
  6. I have been informed that ICGB AD shall store and process my data within the statutory deadlines, or, in the absence of such deadlines, within the timeframe set by ICGB AD in view of its statutory obligations and interests, as well as in compliance with the principles of limiting the data storage period and its minimization;
  7. I have been informed about my right to file a complaint before the Personal Data Protection Commission in the event of an infringement on my legal rights and interests related to ICGB AD processing of my personal data;
  8. should there be a change in the personal data provided by me to ICGB AD, I shall notify the company within 3 (three) working days;
  9. I have been informed and I express my consent for ICGB AD to provide my personal data, in the required volume and for the respective purposes, to the following categories of persons:
Please sign by checking.

Official Address


23, “George Washington” Street
Sofia 1000

Phone: +359 (2) 4513 545

Office Manager:

IGB Project

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European Energy Programme for Recovery programme.

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