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ICGB extends the deadline for the public procurement for selection of Owner Engineer

ICGB AD announces the extension of the deadline for submission of offers for the public procurement “Selection of Owner’s Engineer for the Construction of the Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria” up to 15th January 2018, amending the previous deadline. The first announced deadline was 19th December, which was aligned with the legally established minimum deadline under the Public Procurement Act of 35 days.

The extension of the deadline for submission of offers has already been published at the internet site of the Agency for Public Procurement and at the Official Journal of the EU and is visible to all participants.

Due to the increasing number of requests received at the office of the company for extension of the deadline and in full compliance with the level of discretion conceded to the Contracting Entity by the Bulgarian Public Procurement Act, the decision has been taken for assuring the maximum level of competition in the spirit of the tender and in the best interest of the Contracting Entity.

On the other hand, the deadline for submission of offers for the tender hasn’t been extended substantially as for the successful realization of the project it is of utmost importance to choose the owner engineer in the short run.

The completion of this tender has great significance not only with regard to the active role of the owner engineer in carrying out of the public procurements for the line pipe supply and EPC, but also for keeping up with the estimated key dates of the Road map of the project.

Date 13/12/2017

IGB Project

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