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IGB Pipeline

Natural Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria

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All key activities for the implementation of the interconnector Greece - Bulgaria are progressing on the territory of both countries

The Executive Officers of ICGB inspected the progress of the construction activities on site of the interconnector Greece - Bulgaria and held an operational meeting with the EPC contractor.

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The Bulgarian parliament approved the tax regime of the interconnector with Greece for a period of 25 years

The Energy Committee at the National Assembly approved the bill for the Ratification of the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Hellenic Republic regarding the project for the construction of the gas interconnector between Greece and Bulgaria (the IGB gas pipeline).

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Over 70 km of line pipes for the interconnector Greece-Bulgaria have been delivered

Over 70 km of line pipes intended for the construction of the Greece-Bulgaria gas interconnector have already been delivered on the territory of the two countries, with active work underway for clearing the route and stringing. The pipe stringing on Bulgarian territory reached 7 km. As of the beginning of May, line pipe welding activities have also been progressing. Currently, 50 manual welding procedures have been completed. Automatic welding is expected to start soon as well. The non-destructive testing of the welded connections has already begun. About 50 km of the land along the route of the IGB project has been cleared, with 35 km on the territory of Bulgaria, and the rest - on the territory of Greece.

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