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The procedure for selection of Owner’s Engineer for ICGB has been temporarily suspended due to appeal

The project company ICGB AD informs all potential participants in the public procurement “Selection of Owner’s Engineer for the Construction of the Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria” that on 22nd May 2018 at the Commission for protection of competition an appeal with ext. No 1089/22.05.2018, against clarifications of the Contracting Authority published on the Buyer’s profile on 14.05.2018.

The appeal contains also request for an interim measure “suspension of the procedure” to be imposed and as of that date all actions in the course of the procedure shall be suspended until the entry into force of the order rejecting the application for interim measures or the decision on the appeal if a provisional measure has been imposed.

Upon the decision of the competent authority and in case the request for the imposition of a provisional measure is rejected, the procedure will be resumed and the time-limits for the submission of tenders will be extended so as to comply with the requirement of Art. 28, para. 5 of the Rules for Implementing the Public Procurement Act, the total duration of each of the deadlines expired up to the moment of suspension of the procedure, together with the newly determined extended terms, shall not be shorter than the initial term set by the Contracting Authority.

Date 22/06/2018